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Great PLANwork for everyone


Anyone can BUILD & do:


  1. Install awnings that do not become a fixed part of the structure regardless of compensation.

  1. Add a water filter onto a faucet regardless of compensation.

  1. Insert a plug-in HVAC window unit regardless of compensation.

  1. Change an HVAC filter or cleaning ducts that do not require removal of the air grills., regardless of compensation.

  1. Clean swimming pools. Install an above-ground pool regardless of compensation.

  1. Install or repair irrigation systems that have a backflow preventer connected to a potable (drinking) water supply regardless of compensation.

  1. Install prefabricated tool shed less than 250 square feet in size regardless of compensation. The shed may be up to 400 square feet if it bears the insignia of approval from the Department of Community Affairs. (Verify Dept.)

  1. Paint; install cabinets, wood or tile flooring, and insulation regardless of compensation.

  1. Installation or replacement of drywall if the contract does not include other work on the load-bearing part of the wall or any plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning work.

* Sure anyone CAN Design their own Home! BUT PLEASE REMEMBER :

  1. UGLY will ALWAYS remain UGLY.

  1. FLORIDA Building Codes MUST be followed ! The A.D.a. Should be, too.

  1. FUNCTION, beauty, affordability & ENERGY-EFFICIENCY are most-Vital.

  1. Good Plans enable Better Bids & fewer misunderstands.

  1. Building is “EASY”. Designing for everything correctly is…the “trick”.

  1. HPD has created great Planwork for 38+ years & has Built for 59+.

 We sure have learned a little :-)

Anyone can DESIGN & create plans for*:

  1. A 1 or 2-family residence or townhouse.
  2. An addition to any 1 or 2-family residence.
  3. A building on a farm for use by the farmer.
  4. Any other type of building costing <$25,000 (verify), except a school, auditorium or other building intended for public use.

FL SS 481.229


(verify in 2021 & with your local municipality’s addenda)