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SOLAR ELECTRICITY HANDBOOK_Florida has plenty of it so USE IT !HEALING ENVIRONMENTS_a fine beginningHOUSE LUST_understanding the madnessNOT SO BIG HOUSE_great ideasWIND_Florida has plenty, both Good & VERY-BadWATER STORAGE_Florida is a "dry" State. Unless when it rains ALOTINTEGRAL URBAN HOUSE_changed my lifeWHOLE EARTH CATALOG_inspired my lifeECOTOPIA_Part of a Solution

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HAPPY ANTONIIO_even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a whileGATOR & BUTTERFLYTHE SONG OF TREES_How MUCH they offer we mere HumansMOTHER EARTH NEWS 4_when it was radical1491_The World BEFORE that Idiot so-called "Italiano" blundered into Hispaniolaantoniiocaluso@gmail.com1493_The World AFTER that Idiot so-called "Italiano" blundered into HispaniolaShroom ECOhome BIGShroom ECOhome SMALL

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