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FL-ECOhomes ARE NOT: *

1. “Ticky-tacky houses all-in-a-row”, “domes”, “McMansions”, Condo villas, Manufactured homes, “tiny homes”, “a-Frame”, Log homes, “Container homes”, historical Homes (“Dinosaurs”).

2. houses whose only best view is on one’s big TV. No trees, or gardens, Just useless lawn.

3. In Look-alike gated communities, filled with transplanted “strangers”, who seldom become part of their surrounding Community.

4. houses in a neighborhood who’s only claim-to-fame is golfing, tennis, or RV-living. And who’s residents are called “snowbirds”, and is un-occupied most of the year.

5. Squeezed-together rental homes that offer only maximum Return-on-investment for their landlord owners.

6. Homes Designed NOT for YOU, but for the good of the mortgage-monster, instead!

7. Those silly “alternative homes” hyped everywhere on social media**! Sure, Maybe they fit fine in other regions (straw bale, underground, etc.), or just-fine in special circumstances (a “granny” cottage, or a care-giver’s on-site cottage).

 * In my very-humble opinion, and after 40+ years of Designing & self-Building ECOhomes all over Florida. Please don’t “hate me” for offering these opinions. Surely they can save you from making BIG expensive mistakes!

   Glad to help you with your Plans, so let’s get started… ASAP! :-)

** that will prove intolerable in a very-short time. And offer little return-on-investment when its resale time arrives.

Please… only build strong, right-sized, beautiful, affordable and Florida-smart!