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Great PLANwork for everyone


ECOhomes ARE & have*:

1. Affordable in every way.

2. Sometimes mostly self-built with knowledgeable friends & family, even if very-slowly.

3. Properly-sized for inhabitants, their furniture, possessions, activities, & their aspirations.

4. Designed Energy-efficient without added gee-whiz gizmos.

5. Romantic-enough for the wife, convenient-enough for the husband, & playful-enough for the children, & and vice-versa.

6. Charming…so you will always love living there.

7. Designed for aging in-place & possible injury recovery.

8. Utterly-strong against wind, fire, infestation & flooding.

9. Close-by to your food garden & fruit orchard. Hopefully!

10. A Workshop/studio on-site, for one’s creative urges.

11. Designed to use your site’s existing natural amenities.

12. Interior sound-proofing.

13. A secondary emergency 12v solar electric system.

14. Some Use of repurposed or recycled materials.

15. A variety of ceiling heights, textures & interior colors.

16. Metal interior framing for trueness & fire-resistance.

17. Close to everyone’s work & good real friends :-)

18. About the only way for young folks to even have a 19. 19. good place to call “home”, by building it themselves.

20. Can be made from an existing structure, as well as brand-new. Sometimes…better that way, to avoid Impact fees!

21. Heck if I know, because… its YOUR ECOhome! That’s the point, for nobody is like you. And no site can be treated exactly like any other.